The Old Troll, whose true identity remains undetermined, is a "troll from the past" who returned in August 2015 with a series of hate videos uploaded on Daily Motion.

In The Hardcore Cast 1, Matrixlord revealed that he 'recognised the editing style' of the slanderous productions, divulging that the creator was an enemy from the past.

The Grand Reveal Edit

Throughout the Hardcore Cast, many clues were surreptitiously dropped. In particular was the claim that the Old Troll was a 'chameleon' in his ability to blend with others. Infamous troll and ne'er-do-well Chameleon Tours instantly recognized this accusation, and explained his innocence in The Chat.

It was then speculated that the Old Troll was Monk, as he appeared to be using the Camtasia editing software.

It was then speculated that the Old Troll might actually be Jason. Or maybe it's Spilby after all?