The Eleventh Meal was, according to Sammi Carter, the title of the 2013 Doctor Who Christmas Special. It was supposedly thirty-minutes in length (with a three-minute prequel), and featured Matt Smith regenerating with Clara (and the kids again. God, I hate those kids) after eating a piece of poison chicken.

In his best rant video to date, Sammi explained the detailed plot of the story, telling his viewers (whovians) that they should "stand up for themselves" by "complaining to the BBC really badly".

The living Chicken Monster Edit

The episode was allegedly to feature a creature called 'the living Chicken Monster' as it's main antagonist. When Sammi spoke of this alien in vilification of the story, he exclaimed that "there are no such thing as chicken monsters in the world of Doctor Who".

The video found its way to 4chan where, unsurprisingly, Sammi was ridiculed.