The Chat, not to be confused with 'The New WHO Order' private chat on Facebook, is a Google chat in which nearly every member of the community has been invited (both RWC and Whovians). Surprisingly, The Whovians never interact with it.

Characteristics Edit

It has been a great source of drama throughout the year. Matrixlord allegedly implored some such as Connor Farley to leave it, in order to preserve the Real Whovian's reputation.

Here is the usual timeline of a day in the chat.

  • 6am - Connor Farley is still online and begins copy/pasting paragraphs of news about recent Doctor Who rumours. They are generally ignored.
  • 8am - Jacob Mailes and his peers begin spamming the chat with pornography. Jacob mentions he is quitting the chat 'for real this time'.
  • 9am - Chameleon Tours announces he is quitting the Who Show. Also respected member Mike D is spotted on the chat and begins to engage with his fans. Usually with polite sentiments, such as 'I hope everyone is having a great day/weekend', depending on the day.
  • 10am - Jacob invites a transgender woman into the chat who starts a video call.
  • 11am - People start to come online. Complaints are made about the hatred of the day.
  • 12pm - Matrixlord posts a video he finds that ridicules the Real Whovians cast. Implications are made about Chameleon Tours' guilt.
  • 12.30pm - Matrixlord begins to show great fascination in Omega Files member James Spiby's activities of the day.
  • 1pm - Discussions take place about the latest Matrixlord video. Often Matrix himself will appear in the chat, but not respond.
  • 2pm -
  • 3pm - Connor Farley leaks information about Matrixlord's plans to get back at the Whovians. This is met with great disdain by Matrixlord, once leading to Connor saying he must apologise to the Whovians.
  • 7pm - It is usually at this time that Louie Bean attempts to make Matrixlord angry. It often fails as Matrix begins to eloquently speak of how unimportant he is in the face of popularity.
  • 8pm - Live commentary on the recent episode of Eastenders
  • 12am - Chameleon Tours is offline, so Brandon begins to talk.

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