Ainsley master

The Ainsley Master is perhaps the most underrated incarnation of the Doctor Who character 'The Master'.

He is portrayed by blackman Anthony Ainsley. Pictured to the right is his debut appearance in Logopolitana.

Fans fondly remember his time on the series. His character had many quirks. Often he would look directly at the camera and grin devilishly as he spoke. Unlike previous and later regenerations, this Master was not openly hostile to the Doctor, often addressing him as 'TARDIS boy'.

Perhaps his most iconic moment came in the story that followed Logopolis: Castrovalva. As the Doctor and companions eat lunch with the Castrovalvans, they neglect potential danger. As such, Adric ends up eating a particularly spicy meatball (secretly planted by the Ainsley Master, revealed to the audience in a brief cut to him winking at the camera) who is incapacitated, later kidnapped by the Master who is disguised as a nurse.

The Master later escaped through a kitchen window, giggling into his butterbean sausages, as The Doctor was regenerating after eating a piece of poisoned chicken. He was not seen for the rest of the classic series, but later reappeared in Big Finish's 'Ready, Steady Destroy the World'.

The Ainsley Master later returned in the latter half of Series 11 in a storyline viewed by over 26 million which saw him impregnate the Jazz Doctor's companion, Katherine. He was presumed dead after he was pushed into a Sun by The Doctor.

He then reappeared (with no explanation as to how he survived) in the opener of Series 12. He witnessed The Jazz Doctor descend from the sky on top of a fighter jet whilst he played the saxophone.