Series 13 is the third series to feature the Jazz Doctor and Cara Delevingne. It also introduces Bob Geldof as the new male companion Vince.

  1. Portrait of the Narcissist as a Young Man: Enter Vince; a freelance writer from Dublin that has fallen on hard times. One day he awakes from an evening of heavy drinking and finds himself onboard the TARDIS. After discovering he had copulated with Katherine and is now onboard a time machine, he hijacks the vessel, planning to rewrite history and put an end to problematic elements of the past such as colonialism and misogyny. But at what cost? This will be the first Doctor Who episode to directly reference rape.
  2. Putin on the Ritz: Vladmir Putin has contacted the Daleks using a Soviet-era deep space scanner, and plans on helping them to secure an invasion force to exterminate the paraders at the upcoming Mardi Gras. But can the Doctor, Katherine and Vince persuade Putin that the Daleks will exterminate him as well as the homosexuals? This episode will use the Daleks as a subtle metaphor for opponents of gay marriage, and will feature a scene with Davros discussing the Dalek's sexual purity.
  3. Deranged Labour: The Doctor and Katherine have a political debate, and we finally learn that the Doctor is a Marxist. The TARDIS crew travels back in time to meet Karl Marx himself, but is thrown off course and ends up in a Russian Gulag, circa 1940. Who is the mysterious sniffing man that helps rescue the Doctor and friends? And is the Gulag really a Communist machination, or is it being controlled by an old foe? Maybe Omega?