The 11th series of the Doctor Who revival is scheduled to air in late 2018. According to Matrixlord212, David Tennant will reprise his role as the Doctor. This is because the show, which Steven Moffat grew to international audiences in 2011 and 2012, is a ratings failure, despite boasting viewing figures comparable to Eastenders. The BBC thus fired Moffat for literally destroying the show, with Chris Chibnall making plans to revert to a more RTD style of production. The following are some leaked story titles and synopsis' from the upcoming series:

E01 A Change of Suit: Peter Capaldi declined to take part in this regeneration episode, after being fired by the BBC for being too old to play the Doctor. Instead, David Tennant is seen in a grey toupe regenerating into his 13th incarnation. The episode explains how regeneration can be just like 'changing into a new suit'.

EP02 Bad Wolf Returns: The Doctor unexpectedly bumps into Rose at a supermarket. Rose must come to terms with the fact that this new incarnation of the Doctor is radically different than before, in that he has a beard.

EP03 Robots of Akhaten: Mark Gatiss returns as lead script writer for series 11, with this being his debut story. The Doctor must defeat a robotic menace threatening the residents of Akhaten. They have only one weakness - lengthy, inspirational speeches, which fry their core components. The Doctor is pushed to the narrative limits.

EP04 Reconnaissance of the Slitheen: RTD returns to write this two part story, after Steven Moffat banned him from writing on Doctor Who, even though Robert Holmes and Terrance Dicks were the only writers to ever work under more than one producer. This episode largely features the return of old monsters to remind fans of how great Doctor Who used to be, and will be under the reign of Chibnall.

EP05 Attack of the Slitheen: Mickey Smith attempts to order a puh-puh-pizza but is interrupted by a flashmob dancing to Britney Spears' 'Toxic'. He tries to hail a cab, but the driver unzips his forehead to reveal the Slitheen underneath. [This was going to be a long list of naff RTD monsters but seriously his era was so mediocre I can't even remember most of them]

EP06 A New Beginning: The Doctor must defeat his greatest enemy yet - renegade Time Lord Steve Moffett. He has invaded the Doctor's timestream and corrupted his 11th and 12th incarnations so badly that the Doctor must erase them from history. Moffett brainwashes Rose into thinking that the Doctor can't regenerate into a previous body.