Sargon of Akkad is a YouTuber with a reasonably large following. He is infamous for speaking out against feminism, believing that it has 'gone too far'.

Sargon's videos usually discuss tabloid news or respond to other YouTuber's videos and comments. He is notorious for quote-mining and misunderstanding the basic ideas of feminist theory. Not long ago he attempted to debate Jenni Goodchild, but failed miserably, even after calling in a famous 4chan troll to assist.

Like a proper scholar, he is always certain to include a bibliography in his video descriptions, so that his viewers can also analyze the Wikipedia articles and Reddit posts he is informed by.

Views Edit

Sargon belongs to a very vocal group of people often associated with Gamer culture, that believe third-wave feminism in particular has gone too far. Typically they dismiss the notion of patriarchy on the grounds that it is 'invisible' or 'unable to be proved'.

Sargon is symptomatic of a large misunderstanding that is most likely being perpetuated by STEM-majors, who cannot understand anything that isn't axiomatically grounded. Explained very simply, decades ago, something called 'ideology' was theorized, in order to explain why separate readings of a text consistently rendered the same political, cultural, social etc. ideas that had formulated it. A typical definition of ideology is a set of normative, unconscious ideas about the world. Feminists thus noticed that dominant ideology seemed to always support a male-dominated, heteronormative view of the world.

When precocious STEM students are confronted with this idea in the form of angry women telling them that Mario is a misogynistic video game character, most are baffled by the fact that feminist theory was never explained to them in formal logic by their lecturers, and dismiss it. Although some people insist that Gamers who dispute feminists are just sexually frustrated, the likely answer is a bit of both.