When I look around at the capitalist, consumerist society we are catapulted into from our day of birth it leaves me with a resounding sadness. Amid the topography of transient desires that fetter our souls to a normative hedonism I often find myself submerged in a sea of tears. Corporations that mismanage our collective needs and exploit the poor are as common as an existential angst that permeates our being. A great thinker called Pluto once said 'God is dead' and I'm inclined to agree; if 'God' is our dollar then who can we turn to given that the nature of societal change is overrun by these Western paradigms of irrevocable 'progress' and money no longer serves its fundamental meaning as an system of value and has been dissociated from this much like ourselves, who have lost the shamanic integration spoken of by those like Terence McDonald in his book 'The Archaeological Revival' and the unity of collective unconsciousness has been overturned for a system of greed, anti-love and power, and I can't even smoke weed anymore even though it grows naturally that shows a total restriction on our ontologicality of phenomenological criteria and a disinterest in the principality which restricted these kinds of Orwellian limitations in the first place