A hater is someone who has a differing opinion to yours on the internet hates all forms of life and frequently indulges in sadism.

Contrary to popular belief, 'hater' is not synonymous with 'troll'. Trolls are, at best, mere nuisances. You can ignore trolls and they will go away. Haters on the other hand, are so depraved they will attack family members and tell you how much they revel in celebrating the closure of YouTube accounts and death. Haters will always come back for more. They are the apotheosis of malice, frequently indulging in anti-human practices such as the mass disliking of videos, usually drawing themselves towards successful podcasters for no reason other than they are jealous of their YouTube success.

Typically, haters crave social recognition because their existence is worthless. Unlike trolls, who occasionally actually have jobs, the life of a hater revolves entirely around their victim. They will stay up all night, stalking, prank calling 26 times and attacking. It's all they do. They are parasitic and psychopathic in their approach.

There are a lot of haters in the community.

They must be stopped.