The Reaction Video is a now canonical video of Matrixlord. It is completely absurd in both its performance and intent. Using a phone camera, Matrix records himself and his wife watching the debut episode of Series 9.

Timeline of Events Edit

After the initial greeting, Matrixlord seems to be baffled by the pretitle sequence, questioning 'arrows?' and 'a haaaaaand mine?' Eventually young Davros is introduced and a series of orgasmic exclamations follow this grand reveal. Suddenly Sharon literally disappears from the video with no explanation. Although he may have edited her out, sources indicate this happened because she didn't know what was happening and was not impressed by Capaldi's take on the character.

The rest of the video has little interaction between Matrix and viewer. However, perhaps the most comic feature is that of the frequent 'winks' and 'nods' he poses for the camera. A compilation is currently being edited by Catherine Tours.