Formerly Chameleon Tours, Catherine Tours is a transgender podcaster from Austria.

Gender change Edit

In September of 2015 it was announced live in The Chat that Catherine now identify with female pronouns and a new name. Reactions have been varied.

Conspiracy theories Edit

Following the announcement, several fans took to the forums to express their belief that this was simply a publicity stunt to draw more attention, views and money to the podcast shows. This theory was later debunked through rational and objective thinking, as it is unquestionably impossible to bring in a larger viewership than the one that presently exists.

Others drew more sinister conclusions. They believed that the Doctor Who podcast shows' hosts had actually been killed, and the podcasts had been infiltrated by 'the elite'. They claim that "this is a repeat of the Caitlyn Jenner scenario and it is clear that the globalists have, yet again, exploited a corner of popular culture with a large following to further their agenda to break down the family. Wake up people!"